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Introduction Module

This introduction features a series of online tutorials that explain how to get the most out of using the Virtual Job Tryout in your talent acquisition process. These tutorials explain the fundamentals of setting up and using the Virtual Job Tryout administration and how to get the most out of the system.

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Module One: What is the VJT?

In this tutorial we will answer your question: ”What is the Virtual Job Tryout?” By the end, you should be able to describe the characteristics of a simulation-based assessment and the value of job candidate engagement and education.

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Module Two: Why Does the VJT Work?

This tutorial will answer your question: “Why does the Virtual Job Tryout work for hiring managers like me?” By its end you will be able to describe how a Virtual Job Tryout is created and if it is right for your job openings.

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Module Four: Communicating with Candidates

In this tutorial you will learn how to communicate with candidates throughout their Virtual Job Tryout experience, including how to set them up, move them along, and deal with any technical issues they may encounter.

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Module Five: Accessing and Interpreting Applicant Results

In this tutorial you will learn how to access and interpret candidate results. By the end of this training, you should be able to use the sort and rank features and generate reports. You also should be able to interpret the scoring scale and candidate pool score distribution.

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Module Eleven: Using the Performance Rating Tool

This module explains the purpose of the Performance Rating Tool and offers training in its use to calibrate the accuracy of the Virtual Job Tryout for your organization. You will learn how to access the tool, use it effectively, and about some of the challenges commonly encountered during the rating process.

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