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Customer Care Representatives

The Client

Leading provider of digital communication and entertainment services

The Challenge

The organization wanted to manage a high applicant-to-hire ratio more efficiently and hire individuals to deliver exceptional customer service and sales effectiveness

The Results

Business impact analysis documented that individuals who performed well on the Virtual Job Tryout demonstrated:

24% increase in upselling

80% higher overall performance ratings

5X better ratings on Core Value behaviors

2X more potential for promotion

Recruiters now spend more time with high-value applicants and achieve a faster time to fill. In a year-over-year comparison, for a similar number of applicants, the talent acquisition team was able to reduce phone screens by over 2,000 and reduce face-to-face interviews by over 800. 

Candidate reactions

"I appreciate the Virtual Job Tryout. Very realistic and gives people an idea of what to actually expect. I would think based on this that the training provided by [the company] would be superb as well."

"The Virtual Job Tryout was awesome! Never experienced this with any other job I have applied for. It really gives you an idea on what to expect with this company!"

"This was the best application process I've gone through, as far as providing information about what will be expected on the job. I feel that if more companies would have an in-depth tryout like this, they would hire more quality employees."

"This Virtual Job Tryout has been one of the most up-to-date applications/resources I have seen a company use for job seekers. I have a much better understanding of what the job consists of and work requirements and procedures that go along with the job. Thank you!!"