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Personal Bankers

The Client

One of the nation’s leading financial institutions serving over 50 million consumers and US small business clients through operations in more than 40 countries

The Challenge

This company wanted to enable recruiters to differentiate candidates based on their ability to convert customer referrals into sales. The client also asked for an assessment that would provide an engaging, interactive candidate experience and reinforce the organization’s brand.

The Results

Individuals who performed well on the assessment were:

2.5x more often rated as a top performer

2x more often rated as having promotion potential

2x more often rated as someone who would be hired again

11% better on total sales metrics

The Virtual Job Tryout was able to measure the complex, underlying attributes linked to personal bankers’ ability to convert referrals to sales and prospects to clients.

Candidate reactions

“This has by far been the best virtual job tryout that I have ever taken in my history of applying for banking jobs.”

“The Virtual Job Tryout was very informative, it gave me more insight on things a personal banker does.”

“This was fantastic software to prepare a potential personal banker for the daily responsibilities he/she might encounter if hired.”

“This has been an amazing experience on viewing what a personal banker’s job is. For someone like me that has no experience in banking, this helped me get a better understanding on what a personal banker does. Thank you."