Case Studies

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Material Handlers and Warehouse Associates

The Client

One of the nation’s leading manufacturers of packaged coffee and single-serve brewing machines

The Challenge

This leading coffee manufacturer wanted to enable hiring manager with candidate data to differentiate applicants based on their ability to use information appropriately, keep accurate records, and support their fellow team members.

The Results

Individuals who performed well on the assessment were rated:

12% higher on collaboration

13% higher on interest in personal development

16% higher on support of fellow team members

21% higher on ability to use information accurately and efficiently

Virtual Job Tryout predicted performance across a broad range of critical competencies, resulting in superior operational outcomes.


Candidate reactions

“It was actually kind of fun. As a distribution center temp, it’s the same thing I do every night.”

“It was like a video game of the job, which made it fun!”

“I found the Virtual Job Tryout to be stimulating and informative.  More companies should use this type of pre-employment device to better determine applicant abilities.”