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Supermarket Customer Service Associates

The Client

Family-owned regional supermarket chain ranked as one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For and Food Network’s Best Grocery Store

The Challenge

This organization wanted to enable recruiters with data to identify exceptional customer service abilities of candidates and reduce time to fill.

The Results

Individuals who performed well on the assessment scored:

29% higher in customer service abilities

30% better at building relationships with customers

31% higher on teamwork metrics

37% higher on overall performance

The Virtual Job Tryout helped recruiters identify high-potential candidates with less effort.

Supermarket Customer Service Associates

Candidate reactions

"I am a visual learner and a listener, therefore this was a great way to take an assessment. Past assessments I took in applying for jobs were boring, felt like taking an exam. This was by far the most fun way to take an assessment and can clearly see the positive customer service [this company] is trying to offer and improve on! Keep up the good work and love your food court!"

 "This was one of the most thorough job applications that I have ever filled out.  I am very impressed with how professional the entire process was from beginning to end. I have always enjoyed shopping at [this company] and now I understand better how such skilled employees are screened. Great job on the application!!!"

"This 'A Look at the Job' tour gave me a realistic experience as to what great customer service should be presented as, gave me helpful tips and also questioned what I already knew which was a good thing, gave me better understanding and the questions asked required a bit of thinking that I wouldn’t usually do. A cool experience overall!"