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Retail Fashion Sales Associates

The Client

The nation’s largest specialty jewelry company

The Challenge

This company wanted to enable recruiters with candidate data to assess applicants' abilities to engage customers, optimize sales opportunities, and collaborate in a team-based sales environment.

The Results

Individuals who performed well on the assessment:

Surpassed sales goals by more than 15%

Were over 25% more likely to be rated a top performer

Sold over 9% more extended service plans

Sold over 24% more company credit cards

The Virtual Job Tryout accurately predicted candidates' potential for generating more sales and overall high performance.

Candidate reactions

"I found the Sales Associate Virtual Job Tryout very, very helpful and even entertaining. It helped me to know exactly what I'm getting myself into, and I was amazed by the clarity of it all. I wished that all applications could be like this, and I am definitely telling my friends about this."

"I enjoyed this application process over any other application I have ever completed. It gave me more of an idea of what the company I am applying for was looking for and if I was a good candidate for the position."

"It was great to be able to get a quick look at the situations I would be dealing with if I am hired for this job. A lot of the situations dealing with customers are similar to what I have to do at my current job. It just made it easier in deciding that this would be a great job for me."