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Retail Store Associates

The Client

American multinational retail corporation with large discount department and warehouse store chains operating more than 11,000 retail stores in over 25 countries

The Challenge

This retailer wanted a robust, multifaceted solution for measuring attributes that drive success for Cashiers, Unloaders, and Stockers. The client also requested an interactive and engaging experience to help candidates learn about what Store Associates do in their organization.

The Results

Individuals who performed well on the assessment were:

Almost 2x more often rated a top performer

Rated over 23% more accurate and efficient

More than 3x as often rated as having promotion potential

Nearly 2x more often rated as reliable and dependable

The Virtual Job Tryout improved quality of hire as measured by associate reliability, accuracy, and other key competencies.

Retail Store Associates

Candidate reactions

Candidates overwhelmingly described the assessment as straightforward.

As many as 95% of candidates described the Virtual Job Tryout instructions as clear and easy to follow.