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Machine Operators

The Client

One of the nation’s leading manufacturers of packaged coffee and single-serve brewing machines

The Challenge

This leading coffee manufacturer wanted a method to improve assessment of candidates’ problem solving capabilities, work ethic, attention to detail, interest in personal development, and teamwork skills. These traits were targeted in an effort to improve adaptability, problem solving, collaboration, quality control, performance, and promotion potential.

The Results

When compared to those individuals who scored in the bottom 30%, machine operators who performed in the top 30% on the assessment demonstrated:

15% improvement in problem solving

15% increase in collaboration

18% improvement in quality control

18% improvement in performance

19% increase in promotion potential

The Virtual Job Tryout successfully identified high-potential candidates from a large pool of applicants who demonstrated the critical attributes shown to drive these performance factors.

Candidate reactions

“Goes the extra mile to provide possible future employees with what to expect and the mind set you need to work in an environment where you deal with a team on daily basis. I wish my jobs in the past had done this.”

“The Virtual Job Tryout was very cool.  It worked well and I believe that I have a greater understanding of the position now from when I originally had applied.”

“This is a great outlook on the position and I think this is a very important part for people who are considering a Machine Operator job because it gives you insight into the type of work being performed.”

“Awesome was like talking to a representative from the company!”