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Automotive Repair Sales Associates

The Client

One of the nation’s leading retailers of replacement tires and automotive repairs

The Challenge

This organization wanted to enable recruiters with candidate data to differentiate applicants based on their capabilities to deliver a consultative sales approach that engages customers in vehicle maintenance while increasing overall sales revenue.

The Results

Virtual Job Tryout scores were used to differentiate high-performing candidates, resulting in increased sales per associate.

 Automotive Repair Sales Associates

Candidate reactions

"[This company] has provided a virtual service to help people learn a little about the challenges of the job but also personal information about themselves. I feel this is a great tool in the first step to being on top of the market and bringing back great customer service."

"This was a very good training tool which helped me to understand the dynamics of the environment I would be working in and the situations that might arise in working with customers and co-workers."

"This was the most fun I've had applying for a job. Brilliant concept, like a high stakes video game."