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Sales Representatives

The Client

Leading provider of maintenance, repair, and cleaning supplies (MRO)

The Challenge

This distributor wanted to improve new-hire success and retention and identify applicants capable of expanding their territory and making more sales. Additionally, the client wanted to enable recruiters and hiring managers with better candidate data so they could focus time and energy on qualified applicants.

The Results

Individuals who performed well on the assessment:

Generated 30% more in revenue

Produced $25K more in sales

Had 25% lower turnover rates

Virtual Job Tryout scores successfully predicted revenue-generating performance and identified candidates who were less likely to become turnover statistics.

Sales Representatives Revenue

Sales Representatives Turnover

Candidate reactions

“It gave a wonderful 'birds eye view' of what to expect.”

“The assessment was well laid out and very compressive, it was a good insight to what is required as a sales person.”

“I was impressed, and thought this was the most complete application I have submitted to date.  I like the fact that a standardized questionnaire can be used to review a candidate's qualifications in conjunction with a resume and cover letter.”