Shaker’s exceptional blend of science, technology, and experience delivers measurable business results and improves your quality of hire.

A business is only as strong as the people in it. For more than a decade, Shaker has been sought out by market-leading companies to help solve complex talent acquisition challenges and better engage and evaluate applicants.

Shaker’s scientific approach deploys proven methods to help recruiters quickly, accurately, and objectively analyze talent for job fit. Recruiters enabled with Virtual Job Tryout technology are able to make precision hiring decisions. The majority of Shaker’s team are PhD-level selection scientists and talent analytics specialists, bringing an expertise and enthusiasm for data that helps your business make the right decisions. 

While big data may be interesting, relevant data is useful. Shaker cuts through to the most focused, accurate, and meaningful data.

Shaker’s Virtual Job Tryout technology is used across a wide array of business verticals and for jobs ranging from entry-level through professional and mid-management positions. Shaker provides a family of Standard solutions for common job families and Enterprise solutions customized for particular jobs to specifically address factors that matter most for you. With Shaker, you get access to industry-leading science and decision-support technology to meet your hiring needs.

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What makes us unique

Thought Leadership

Shaker brings innovation and experience to selection science. The majority of our staff are PhD-level scientists, including our founders. Shaker’s proven methods take talent fit seriously and put it to work for you.


Applicants are decision makers too, and should be fans of your brand. Regardless of the hiring outcome, your candidates will complete the Virtual Job Tryout with a favorable impression of your organization.

Results Focus

Shaker takes time to learn what drives your business. Your talent analytics will document how hiring decisions are aligned with and contribute to your key performance metrics.

The Shaker Difference

Client Intimacy

Shaker works hard to understand your business needs and what is important to you and then creates a program to drive your business forward.


Process excellence, structure, and discipline all rooted in scientific methodology help create decision support for evidence-based hiring.


Shaker creates the leading edge through continual learning, experimentation, and defining best practices.


Shaker optimizes our collective insights to discover new and better ways to help your team make the best possible talent decisions.


Shaker’s practices conform to industry standards for establishing job relevance, fairness, and compliance with EEOC and SIOP guidelines for the validation and deployment of applicant evaluation methods.


Shaker builds enjoyable and informative hiring solutions that create a win-win for you and your candidates.

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The Leadership Team

The Industry's Flagship Product

Virtual Job Tryout integrates Gamification, Simulation, and Validation to deliver a candidate experience that engages, educates, and evaluates your applicants.