Improve Your Quality Of Hire

Shaker’s award-winning Virtual Job Tryout® technology gives you better talent fit with less effort.

Make Your Candidate Experience Delightful

Virtual Job Tryout technology delivers HireScience™ with mobile-first design. Candidates experience realistic job preview, simulations, and multimethod evaluation on their favorite device. Your candidates will be engaged, educated, and evaluated.

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Smarter Hiring Through Selection Science

Shaker is one of the largest employers in the world of Ph.D. selection scientists dedicated to talent analytics. That means your recruiters see meaningful differences in candidates and make precision hiring decisions backed by predictive modeling.

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The Science of Talent Selection

Virtual Job Tryout integrates gamification, simulation, and validation to deliver a candidate experience that engages, educates, and evaluates your applicants.

How it Works

  1. Gamification lets candidates see the job and play the job via day-in-the-life scenarios, job tasks, and structured experiences designed to assess talent fit for your job or job family. These experiences can capture more than 300 relevant applicant responses.
  2. Simulation exercises collect data as candidates “show their stuff” and demonstrate their abilities. You can use this data to objectively rank and compare candidates.
  3. Validation is the science of using predictive modeling to link candidate responses to your performance metrics, providing you with a comprehensive view of job fit that accurately predicts on-the-job performance.
  • Increase recruiter efficiency
  • Reduce new-hire turnover
  • Improve new-hire performance

The best way to experience the Virtual Job Tryout is to see it in action.