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Meet Team Shaker: Daly Vaughn, Managing Associate

What is your role at Shaker?
As a project manager, I lead our Design-Build team in the creation of Virtual Job Tryout systems for numerous clients. This entails managing all aspects of project delivery and implementing organization-wide infrastructure improvements to maximize team talent and optimize measureable business outcomes. I know Shaker’s build processes inside and out and how to use the powerful resources and analysis available to us from the Insights team to make every client project as successful as it can be.

One of my core clients is a top national pharmacy retailer, which has numerous active projects. Recently, I have been leading development of multiple manager systems for a popular quick-serve restaurant, wrapped up work on a set of convenience store systems, and am kicking off a build project for a new client, a leading solar energy company focused on the residential  market.  

I stay informed of industry trends and active in the I-O community by attending and participating in conferences through presentations, subcommittees, and other activities that allow me to learn from and contribute to our professional knowledge base. I enjoy working with clients and team members to raise the bar on our offerings by pushing innovation to improve our measurement types, storyline approaches, and how we use technology to offer what no one else does.

Any insights from a recent client experience?
Establishing a connection with every client is crucial. Building a positive and trusting relationship with your key stakeholders is as important as having the scientific grounding and data to support your position.

But delivering the top-notch client experience Shaker does requires more than knowing your science—it means knowing how to listen and communicate, to influence and collaborate. All of these critical skills were essential to sharing a recent client business impact analysis. Demonstrating results and delivering the impact clients need to enhance their bottom line is fundamental to how Shaker does business.

What’s exciting to you about being part of Shaker?
Shaker remains on the cutting edge of deploying selection science technology. I am highly invested in our persistent drive to do I-O better, from creating mobile and tablet-based systems to developing innovative online work sample simulations. I love being a part of client management and working internally with other team members to enhance our product offerings and the level of service we provide. I also enjoy developing my skills and learning new approaches to analysis, content development, project management, and relationship development. Some of my favorite things to do are collaborate with clients and coworkers to present best practices at professional conferences and for publication. I take great satisfaction in contributing to the professional community and showcasing our successes—and the many hours of blood, sweat, and tears that went into them.

I value that Shaker invests in our development by supporting our attendance at professional conferences or in other learning opportunities—as individual colleagues and as a company seeking to provide the best products and services based on the best possible science.