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Meet Team Shaker: Noelle Frantz, Associate

What is your role at Shaker?
I work on Shaker’s Design-Build team. I began with Shaker as an intern and had the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the company’s processes with the help of everyone in the office. I was lucky to get a taste of the consultant experience without having to take on a full-time load. I was able to jump on different projects where needed, learning a little from each consultant along the way. By the time I started as a full-time consultant, I was up to speed and ready to fill the role.

We have had a surge in new clients over the last few months, so I have joined many new project teams for new builds. These teams include systems for pharmacy technician, mortgage banker, quick-serve restaurant manager, customer service associate, and operations manager.

In addition to the normal consultant responsibilities, I’ve also taken on some system design work. As a company, we are constantly pushing the envelope on simulation, reporting, and sales and marketing design. Along with other fellow colleagues who share an interest in design, I’ve put my creative side to work, creating eye-catching imagery for current and potential clients. On the other hand, I also have an analytical side, which I think helps bring a grounded perspective to the psychological principles that guide our work. I am also very detail-oriented, which helps ensure we are working together to put out the best quality product possible.

What are your insights from a recent client experience?
My biggest recent insight stems from doing international work. When working with large global companies, there is always a chance your work may be translated to other business units or languages. If you begin the project without that international mindset, many challenges may arise down the road. For example, addresses and address formats are very different from country to country. This can have a significant impact on creating simulated data entry exercises that mimic country specific customer records. If you wanted to be consistent in your measurement from country to country, you have to standardize those addresses for measurement equivalency. That is just one example of the design challenges we faced in a recent project that have provided a lot of learnings on the importance of having and keeping an international perspective.

What’s exciting to you about being a part of Shaker?
The most exciting part about the work Shaker does is how much science goes into our selection technology. I was amazed that I would actually be applying my graduate school learnings in my everyday work. Over the years, Shaker has worked very hard to develop processes and procedures for creating scientifically sound and effective solutions. I really value and admire Shaker’s commitment to the science and research behind every decision and step of a project. It’s been amazing to watch the Virtual Job Tryout grow and evolve in my time here and to be a part of that process. We are constantly designing cooler and richer simulations, remaining at the forefront of our industry. It’s very exciting to be a part of something so thoughtful. I believe this is also why our company has been growing exponentially.

I also have to say that I love the environment at Shaker. We are a small, close-knit group of highly intelligent individuals who collectively make something brilliant. I love the people, I love the product, I love the flexibility. The work is interesting, and the friendly, collaborative environment is key. There is something to laugh about daily, yet it is still a productive environment.