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With Virtual Job Tryout, Your Candidates:

  • Get a realistic job preview, not just a description
  • Demonstrate their abilities
  • Complete work tasks that simulate day-in-the-life scenarios
  • Learn about job demands and company culture
  • Provide you with a highly predictive, insightful work sample

Virtual Job Tryout is Better Than Traditional Approaches

Better for Candidates

Candidates must be respected as decision makers, too. They deserve a robust and insightful experience that helps them understand the demands of the job. Virtual Job Tryout technology is used to formulate typical job scenarios, providing candidates opportunities to solve problems and perform actual work tasks they would be likely to encounter. A realistic job preview educates and engages candidates while capturing a highly accurate work sample that predicts overall performance and measures competencies critical for success.

Better for Recruiters

Candidate-score reports based on HireScience™ enable recruiters to combine the best of predictive analytics with their own expertise and judgment. Such empowered decision making translates into better key recruiting metrics: fewer phone screens, lower interview-to-hire ratios, higher offer-to-acceptance ratios, and faster time-to-fill rates.

Better for Companies

Job-specific assessments deliver accurate predictors of new-hire success. Shaker’s Virtual Job Tryout technology has been deployed across dozens of industries for positions ranging from entry-level to management and can be customized to convey your company’s brand and workplace culture. Shaker’s technology helps recruiters and hiring managers be more efficient and effective, enabling them to deliver the best talent for their organizations. 

Virtual Job Tryout technology can integrate seamlessly with your existing applicant tracking technology platform. Shaker has integrations in place with many of today’s leading talent platforms.  

Exceptional Results Require Superior Methods

Easy May Not Be Effective

The internet has made applying for jobs easier than ever, which often means less useful candidate information for employers who find determining best fit harder than ever. Shaker’s technology collects relevant data. To see potential, observe performance. A work sample allows your talent acquisition team to compare and contrast performance potential across a candidate pool. Hiring a great team requires great data, and Shaker’s smart technology will help your business make great hiring decisions.

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Virtual Job Tryout Combines the Best of Multiple Evaluation Methods and Makes it Easy to Measure the Return

Increased Recruiter Efficiency

Increased Recruiter Efficiency

With objective data, recruiters can rank most to least qualified candidates with the click of a mouse. By automatically filtering out poor candidates, you reduce the interview-to-hire ratio. Applicants can look the same on paper. Rely on the Virtual Job Tryout to spend less time reviewing, screening, and interviewing.

Less New-Hire Turnover

Less New-Hire Turnover

Shaker clients commonly see a 30% to 50% reduction in new-hire turnover with the Virtual Job Tryout. By increasing retention with candidates who fit better, you reduce staffing waste and rework. Eliminate false starts by using the Virtual Job Tryout to find the candidates who are the best longterm fits for your business.

Faster Employee Ramp Up

Faster Employee Ramp Up

Work simulations and whole-person assessments like the Virtual Job Tryout mirror real-life job complexity, allowing you to see which candidates possess superior skills. Your new hires will learn faster and achieve higher levels of productivity. Shaker’s technology can augment your hiring decisions and identify highly qualified candidates who will deliver exceptional results.

Available In Standard Or Enterprise Versions


  • Realistic job preview
  • Experiences that mirror the complexity of the job
  • Test-drive key job tasks
  • Job-fit score
  • Work-history questionnaire
  • Evaluation of On-the-Job Problem Solving
  • Simulated customer/coworker scenarios
  • Work-style questionnaire


All Standard Virtual Job Tryout features, plus:

  • Your Visual Branding Graphically branded to match your organization
  • Your Message Branding Share specific information about your company culture and brand, employee testimonials, and products and services
  • Your Workplace Tasks The candidate responds to a range of situations current employees routinely encounter
  • Your Competencies Candidate results are presented and reported in your language, making it easy to train users and interpret and use the data
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