We've Assessed Candidates in More
Than a Dozen Industries

Shaker clients screen millions of candidates annually with existing Virtual Job Tryouts. And new clients ask us to develop more every year.

To see potential,
observe performance

  • Let your candidates take the job for a test drive
  • Treat the candidate as a decision maker
  • Provide recruiters with evidence of abilities
  • Collect job-relevant data to predict on-the-job performance

Examples of existing Virtual Job Tryouts are provided here to demonstrate the breadth and depth of experience we have across industries and levels within organizations. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us.

Virtual Job Tryouts are deployed for a wide variety of staffing needs, including:

  • High-volume jobs
    Store associates, tellers, material handlers
  • High-potential jobs
    Sales representatives, first-line supervisors, mid-level leaders, general managers
  • High-skill jobs
    Chemists, lab technicians, bankers, physicians, nurses, insurance agents

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