Talent Acquisition Services

Understanding how fuzzy human variables impact diverse sets of business metrics requires precise methodologies and advanced statistics. Shaker provides a broad array of services to measure and improve talent acquisition:

  • Validation analysis for pre-employment assessment
  • Evaluation of individual impact on dashboard metrics
  • Business relationship of engagement survey results
  • Competency model analysis and validation, job performance, and training needs analysis

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Executive Assessment Services

For high-level, mission critical positions, you need to learn as much as possible about your candidates. Shaker’s expert industrial-organizational psychologists can assess the strengths and developmental needs of your candidates through a proprietary interview and assessment process, culminating in a unique assessment report that documents all relevant applicant characteristics. This assessment can be augmented with a developmental action planning session, in which Shaker’s PhD-level consultants work with your executives, one on one, to determine specific actions that will help to improve strengths and lessen limitations.

Competency Modeling Services

Shaker’s results-driven competency card sort process is based on a unique competency framework that is designed to include all potentially relevant business competencies. Using the card deck with our structured process, clients can perform specific sorts to analyze new hire characteristics, review employee performance, create competency and performance models, and more. Assessing performance is much easier with the card sort because you are able to see the full spectrum of characteristics that lead to business results. This strategy helps users to broaden their perspectives and focus on all job-relevant competencies.

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