Realistic Job Preview

Shaker embeds elements of realistic job preview into every Virtual Job Tryout. Shaker can also develop a standalone realistic job preview for your job. The best way to experience the nature of a balanced and context-setting realistic job preview is to see it firsthand. However, read further to gain a balanced perspective of what realistic job preview can do for your talent acquisition process.

Conversations about realistic job preview are on the rise. Corporate talent acquisition leaders are seeking and exploring methods to help the candidate make a more informed decision. Why this interest in realistic job preview? Talent teams want to address a problem realistic job preview will not solve – how to stop unqualified candidates from applying and the flood of resume spam, to reduce the flow of applicants. Realistic job preview, while an important tool in the recruiting process, will not reverse the deluge of applicants the sourcing engines have created.

We offer a definition to help manage expectations.

Realistic job preview is a balanced consideration and overview of what happens on a day-to-day basis in a given job. It will present the challenges, frustrations, and demands. It will also present the satisfiers, rewards and motivators. Realistic job preview is a matter-of-fact approach to present the job for what it is. Realistic job preview can help engage and educate applicants and treat them as decision makers.

This story can often be told in a short video. An even more effective approach is to embed the focused elements of the realistic job preview alongside each element of a multimethod candidate evaluation. Realistic job preview can be used to set the context for each evaluation experience.

Realistic Job Previews – Two-Fold Impact

Applicants are decisions makers, so treat them as such. Realistic job preview has a two-fold impact on the decisions applicants make:

  • Is this job right for me?

And, possibly more importantly…

  • Was the recruiting message a bait and switch?

Well-designed realistic job preview will typically cause fewer than 10 percent of applicants to drop off. But, that is still 10 percent of applicants who no longer need to be dispositioned, tracked, and reported.

Well-designed and balanced realistic job preview will also create on-the-job commitment. This occurs after the newness of the job wears off, training is complete, and the first road-bumps are encountered. If the nature of the difficulties are completely unexpected, new hires may feel betrayed and that the recruiting process was not forthright. New hires with this reaction are more susceptible to wavering job commitment. On the other hand, new hires that were given candid, balanced, and objective insight into the range of challenges and demands during recruiting typically increase their commitment levels and work through the demands, having learned in advance what to expect on the job. Balance and candor are important.

The Boat Hand job preview video below is realistic but unbalanced. It only shows the repetitive and menial aspects of the job. Similarly, there seems to be a growing prevalence of job preview on career sites that are equally unbalanced, showing only the glamour, the sunshine, the positive. We call this hype, not help.  Most jobs are not this way, they have balance – so should the preview. But even if your job has balance, it may not stop large volumes of people from applying.

Barriers to Impact for Realistic Job Preview

There are a number of reasons realistic job preview will not make a meaningful dent in candidate flow. Maybe your company has been actively working on one or more initiatives like these:

  • Efforts to become an employer of choice
  • Being recognized as a great place to work
  • Incentive-based referral programs
  • Marketing-driven employment branding
  • Corporate citizenship and sustainability reputations

The list goes on and on. A five-minute hype video will be challenged to counter act the momentum of attraction and the prospect of a job at one of the best places to work. People come to your site because you have captured share of mind for their career aspirations, they feel they can offer you their best, they want a job – no, a career!

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