Talent Analytics

Shaker is one of the largest employers of PhD-level selection scientists dedicated to talent analytics. Big data has drawn attention to the methods and advanced skills of selection scientists. We are focused on translating big data into big insights. Obtaining data is easy. The team at Shaker is skilled in collecting useful data and extracting meaningful insights that improve quality of hire.

Based on results from robust candidate evaluation and on-the-job-performance metrics, your big data can tell a story about what it takes to succeed in your performance environment, your culture. Our selection scientists use talent analytics to help your talent acquisition team cut through the applicant pool to identify best-fit candidates quickly and reliably.

Big Data with Talent Analytics Can Predict Job Performance

Selection Science and Talent Analytics

Every executive knows the quality of a decision is only as good as the data behind it. The same holds true for hiring decisions. The Shaker team is dedicated to selection science and has been developing, validating, and deploying applicant evaluation for organizations behind many of the world's most well-known brands. We help our clients assess talent fit and improve quality of hire.

Experiment Design and Competitive Advantage

Michael Porter, renowned strategy scholar at Harvard University, suggests competitive advantage comes from business practices that are difficult to copy. The Enterprise Virtual Job Tryout is created with experiment design and competitive advantage at its core. Brand-specific messaging and job-specific measurement serve as the foundation of the assessment system, while ongoing talent analytics drive big data insights and allow candidate evaluation to get smarter over time.

Validation and Talent Analytics

Validation analysis documents the relationship among candidate assessment data and job performance. The Virtual Job Tryout can capture 300 or more usable data points from applicant responses. A comprehensive approach to documenting on-the-job performance can exceed 200 performance-related data points.  Shaker's selection scientists conduct validation analysis and talent analytics to collect and examine data from hundreds, or thousands, of applicants and hires. Our clients have evidence of how simulated work samples, job-relevant work experiences, and preferred work styles combine to differentiate candidates. Let us demonstrate for you how assessment validation and talent analytics can improve your quality of hire.

Predictive Modeling from Talent Analytics

The Virtual Job Tryout is a pre-employment assessment that compiles data from applicant responses. The robust nature of this data lends itself to predictive modeling from talent analytics. Our selection scientists examine and document how applicant responses to work sample simulations and multimethod assessment relate to on-the-job performance. This form of talent analytics provides a foundation for scoring and presenting candidate results in a meaningful and easy-to-interpret manner. Recruiters can use the data management features of their applicant tracking system to sort, rank, and quickly identify best-fit candidates.

Our clients invite millions of candidates to complete their Virtual Job Tryouts. As a result, Shaker has access to big data--hundreds of millions of candidate data points are collected each year. Big data means big insights for our clients.

Words on a page do not lend themselves to talent analytics. Resume data can only offer limited insight. Two candidates with very different abilities may appear very similar based upon the words and experiences listed on their resumes.

The data captured from candidate responses to the Virtual Job Tryout provides big insight that predicts on-the-job performance. This approach provides a whole-person look at overall job fit and career stability with drill-down performance details on job-specific competencies. Recruiters are equipped with evidence-based decision support. You improve quality of hire and create a workforce that delivers superior results.

The best way to experience the Virtual Job Tryout is to see it in action. Contact us to schedule a demonstration.