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Candidate experience can be your difference maker

At a recent Candidate Experience Workshop, Colleen Geyer, Talent and Community Ambassador at Pillar Technology, was galvanized by learning about the value of focusing on the candidate experience brings.

The economy is nearing full employment, meaning the competition for talent is heating up and job seekers can be more discerning when making a career move. Candidates size up your organization based on their experience applying for a job. A well-crafted and intentional candidate experience can be the difference maker when it comes to recruiting the high-quality candidates you want.

Where to start

Improving your candidate experience begins with paying attention to your candidate experience. Scrutinize each step of your candidate flow–including all the touchpoints and decisions made along the way–from the candidate’s point of view.

Then prioritize your efforts by considering change you can make in the short term to improve the experience for candidates, such as by structuring and standardizing your process, boosting the way you identify and promote your brand, and making simple technology upgrades that will make the process easier and more enjoyable for candidates. Incremental, long-term change that takes advantage of assessment technology can put you on the path to reimaging the way you deliver your candidate experience.

Completing the Candidate Experience Awards survey with your talent team is a great way to begin a close examination of your talent acquisition process.

What's your difference maker?

Organizations choose Virtual Job Tryout technology as their path to reinventing the candidate experience and improving the outcomes of their decision-making process.

Applicants get an engaging and educational experience to help them decide if the job is right for them. Over 90 percent of applicants say the Virtual Job Tryout gave them information about the job they needed to make a well-informed career decision. Recruiters get objective data on culture fit and performance potential to focus their time with best-fit candidates. Recruiters using Virtual Job Tryout commonly reduce interview effort by 25 to 40 percent.

Contact us to learn how Virtual Job Tryout technology can help you stand out in the talent community.

Download the 2016 Candidate Experience Awards Research Report.

Talent Board will hold its 2017 North American Candidate Experience Symposium and Awards Gala on Monday, October 2, 2017 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, TN. This annual event will honor winners of the 2017 Candidate Experience Awards program and offer attendees sessions focused on improving the candidate experience and recruiting overall. Find out more!