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Brand Message and the Candidate Experience: An Interview with Randy Hood

by Joseph Murphy

Truth in employment branding impacts the candidate experience and candidate attitudes. I had a chance to speak with Randy Hood of eQuest at Taleo World and he offered some suggestions on truth and objectivity in the message. Click PLAY to hear what he has to say. Then scroll down for more information.

Every company likes to view themselves for their greatness.  As they should.  However, every company actually has a balanced story, a story filled with successes and challenges, rewards and frustrations.  Randy suggests that employment branding has a responsibility to tell the balanced story.

False Promises

Realistic Job Preview (RJP) and realistic culture preview can be effective methods to build education into the candidate experience and establish expectations within the candidate population.  What can cause trouble are unrealistic expectations that once on the job a new hire might encounter and say wait a minute this was a bait and switch or false promise.

Realistic job preview can increase retention.  When a well informed new hire encounters demanding or less satisfying elements of the job, they respond with ‘I knew this was coming.” and they work through it.  Conversely when poorly or un-realistically informed new hires hit the first unexpected bump in the road, they respond with – “They didn’t tell me about this, I wonder what else might be heading my way that I don’t know about.”  That is the reaction that drives early turnover.

Message Consistency

Randy suggests the entire message be aligned and congruous.  Job descriptions, job postings, social media presence, job overview and corporate culture statements should carry a central theme, be balanced with the scope of the demands and expectations and above all, be the candid and complete story.  Candidates who receive a balanced message are also in better position to decide if the job is right for them.  Candidates will tell you about their experience.  The only way to evaluate the quality of your candidate experience is to  measure it.  Read more about measuring the candidate experience here.  Read what candidates have said about an informative and balanced application experience here.