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Candidate Experience - If it's broke, fix it

by Joseph Murphy

Jennifer May was interviewed by Todd Raphael at ERE Expo about the broken candidate experience.  She makes many excellent points.

1. Define you candidate experience standards. Set internal expectations and work toward them.

2. Begin to use what you have. No new $ investment, just get more out your technology - call your ATS/TMS rep and get another level of training

3. Attract fewer candidates - employer of choice and rampant attract them all sourcing models clog the pipes with resume spam.

What we need to hear more about is how decision support should be at the core of the candidate experience. The candidate and the recruiter must both be in a better position to make a career decision as a result of the experience. Making it FEEL better, while important, is not the issue, nor is it what in the end will create a differentiated workforce. A favorable candidate experience should be table stakes.

A candidate experience that collects better candidate data can make all the difference. A candidate experience that is grounded in research adds decision science and creates competitive advantage.

The two are not mutually exclusive either. I have been writing and interviewing people on improving the candidate experience since ERE in San Diego.  You can find many of those interviews on this blog here.