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Candidate Experience Awards 2012 - Growing and Learning from.. Experience

by Joseph Murphy

The Second Annual Candidate Experience Awards (CandEs) At HR Tech, were quite the, er, well, shall we say, an Experience!  Congratulations to all the winners.  Not only have you done good work, but you have also invited the industry to become more effective.

Gerry Crispin and I have been talking about the importance of the candidate experience for over 10 years.  Three years ago, he was able to build the momentum to raise the discussion to a broader platform, connect a critical mass of leadership contribution, and engage a meaningful number of companies in documenting elements of the candidate experience they deliver.  I was honored when he asked me to join the panel of judges for the 2012 program.

The increased level of participation in this year’s survey, evaluation and comparison is a magnificent testimony to the growing interest and focus on the candidate’s side of the recruiting/staffing process. I send Kudos to all those organizations willing to hold their candidate experience up to the litmus test of documenting their staffing process, conducting self evaluation, AND soliciting objective candidate feedback. The voice of 17,000 candidates was heard.

Gerry shared a key thought on video at ERE a few years ago.  In essence he said – “Define what you intend to deliver, then measure against it to discern how well you are executing.”

One of the winners with distinction this year was adidas Group.  A distinctive and fundamental element of their view on talent is a document that defines what adidas intends to deliver.  It is their Candidate Experience Standards.  They were inspired by the work and focus of their marketing group on defining and delivering the adidas customer experience.  They found ways to transfer the same objective approaches to the candidate experience.

These well defined standards support a dashboard of metrics that are used to capture, track, and report on the efficacy of execution.  There is a lesson for the profession here.  Do you have your candidate experience standards defined and documented?

Gerry and I and the other judges agree there is no universal candidate experience standard.  There are however practices which respects the implied relationship which begins when a company invites people to Apply.

I will write about the distinctive practices of other winners seeking to achieve objective levels of staffing process improvement over the coming weeks.  To keep in-touch with the broader picture of the candidate experience, visit the awards web page.  And join the list to be informed about the 2013 CandE.