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Capital One and the Candidate Experience Awards

by Joseph Murphy

Capital One likes to learn from experience.  And, by participating in the Candidate Experience Awards, they have learned a great deal.

Listen to what Christina McClung, Senior Director, US and International Card Recruiting at Capital One, has to say about the advantages of participating in the Candidate Experience Awards.

SHAKER is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of the Candidate Experience Awards. SHAKER has been measuring candidate experience and delivering staffing process improvement for over 13 years.

During this three day symposium, there will be keynote addresses from Heath Padgett, Molly Fletcher, and China Gorman, all top HR leaders and influencers, as well as highly informative panel and roundtable discussions. Gather practical tips that you can apply upon your return to your office to improve your company’s candidate experience .

With our record breaking 95,000 respondents last year and over 130,000 from nearly 200 companies this year from North America alone, you’ll receive extensive data to differentiate your company’s “Candidate Experience” and its importance to your company leaders.

The symposium format will include dialogue based break-out sessions to foster idea exchange among participants, build strong awareness of effective practices and boost the learning curve of those organization seeking to implement new methods to their talent acquisition process.   

Register for the symposium here.

Video and post content courtesy of TotalPicture Radio.