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Determining Employee Return on Investment Webinar

by Joseph Murphy

Human Capital Institute has asked me to create and conduct a webinar on the ROI caculations of the investment in people. You can register for the webinar here.  The description is below.  I look forward to hearing from you afterwards. Lets have a dialogue on ROI.

Interactive Staffing ROI CalculatorWebinar Description

Determining how good an employee is going to be may seem like a lot of guesswork.  We interview, check references, and often times make a decision based on our "gut instinct". But isn't there a better way to assure that we get a great quality of hire, an engaged worker and low attrition rates? The simple answer is this: yes. We can develop and work with assessments that will directly tie back to our return on investment in an employee and their ability to be a high performer within our organization.  This webcast will examine how quality of hire=quality of organization in a very direct way. We'll discuss how abilities & aptitude, knowledge & skills, and personality &  behavior can determine the eventual return that we get on employees and their impact to the bottom line.

As a result of participating you will:

  • Identify the specific jobs at your company where assessment can create measurable economic impact
  • Discover how to document the return-on-investment from improving job-fit, reducing staffing waste and rework, and reducing new-hire performance variation.
  • Examine how in-house validation documents return-on-investment attained from improving the quality of hire.
  • Explore how simulations for pre-employment assessment create a competitive advantage in the recruiting process.