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Do You Help Candidates Make Informed Decisions?: ERE MeetUp Cleveland

by Joseph Murphy

Under the leadership of Frank Zupan, a group of Cleveland recruiters got together as part of the ERE MeetUp.  This diverse group had representation from corporate recruiting, third party recruiters and service providers to the employee selection process.

Conversations touched on the current talent challenges facing companies and recruiters.  One area in particular that received some attention was what can be done to engage the candidate and help them make a more informed decision about a job opportunity.  The candidate is a decision maker too, and as such, it only makes sense to build a candidate experience that delivers an informative, engaging and valuable message.

Mike Lowe, a sales representative recruiter for Dealer Tire and Skye Leary, a district manager for Stanley Staffing had a few suggestions I was able to capture on tape.

Click PLAY to hear what they have to say.

Building a message that conveys your brand can improve the candidate experience.  Providing an interactive preview of the job educates the candidate and lets them see the good, the bad and the ugly.  Armed with this type of information, the candidate can be a more effective decision maker.