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Hsien-Yao Swee, PhD, Appointed to Shaker's Insights Team

by Joseph Murphy

To keep up with continued demand for its innovative Virtual Job Tryout®, Shaker today announced that Hsien-Yao Swee, PhD, joined the firm's Insights team.

Using sophisticated methods to analyze performance metrics, turnover data and hiring data, Shaker’s rapidly growing Insights team is focused on using business intelligence and selection science from the data to enhance companies’ existing Shaker simulations and better predict the likelihood of employee success on the job. Swee’s experience teaching college-level psychology courses will serve him well, as the Insights team also is responsible for providing ongoing training and education to Shaker clients to ensure they are getting the most out of their evidence-based hiring system investments.

In addition to teaching skills, Swee brings talent analytics, performance evaluation and business intelligence expertise to his new role with Shakaer. Prior to joining the company, he served as the manager of Organizational Research, Analysis and Planning at Eaton Corporation, a global power management company based in Cleveland. Swee also was a consultant at Atrain, an HR consulting company based in Germany, where he designed assessments to determine employee and candidate competence in a variety of skill sets.

“Yao brings invaluable experience from his past role as an internal analyst. He understands the challenges and opportunities of synthesizing big data analysis into insightful stories that convey business impact,” said Shaker's Executive Vice President, Joseph Murphy.

“I’m passionate about applying advanced analytics to maximize our clients’ ROI,” commented Swee. “This new opportunity at Shaker is exciting, and I’m looking forward to helping our clients hire the best candidates.”

Swee earned a PhD in I/O psychology from the University of Akron. In addition, he holds both a bachelor's degree in psychology and sociology and a master's degree in applied psychology from the National University of Singapore.