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Industrial Organizational Psychologists - Uncommon Career, Uncommon Value

by Joseph Murphy

Kaitlin Madden, a CareerBuilder writer recently posted a list of the 18 least common jobs according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Number 6 on the list is Industrial Organizational Psychologist (IOP).  Kaitlin also shares a BLS stat that there are only about 1,420 of them employed across the country.  (This does not include the self employed IOP.)

Also on the list was the occupation 'model' .  A colleague of mine, (an IOP), wondered: "How often do IOP and Model show up on the same list?"  Great question.  This might be the only occurrence.    As it is reported, there are even fewer Models than IOPs.  Both rare, but both have an impact on large audiences.  Models are used to create engaging views FROM a large audiences - namely consumers.  IOPs are used to create insightful views ABOUT a large audience - namely candidates.

Advertising professionals use a model in conjunction with consumer research to optimize market potential .  Recruiting professionals use an IOP to conduct candidate research to optimize hiring decisions for performance potential.

IOPs are the experts who design and validate simulations for pre-employment testing and assessments.  They are the professionals behind selection science.  IOPs are the scientists that create the scoring algorithms for candidate evaluation and document the economic impact of staffing process improvement.  In his recent post, Bill Kutik of HR Executive states HR professionals fear analytics.  IOPs are the professionals with a Ph.D. in HR analytics.

Have no fear, we are here.

OK, so this is stretching an obscure labor stat into a blog post.  I am as guilty as Kaitlin.  However, according to the BLS, Ohio is one of the top five job markets for IOPs.  And we have over 10% of that career market here at Shaker.

So, if you would like to talk with an individual who has chosen an uncommon career that can deliver uncommon value,  give us a call. 888.485.7633

When it comes to HR analytics our figures are impressive.