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Is Your Assessment Working?

by Chris Harvan

The use of pre-employment assessments in the hiring process is rising as more organizations recognize the value in looking beyond the resume to determine the job-fit of their candidates. Along with this increase in demand comes an ever-growing number of solutions available. Given the proliferation of assessment options and an increasingly crowded market, now worth well over $800 million in size, “caveat emptor” – or buyer beware – is more important than ever.

At its core, pre-employment assessments provide a form of measurement rigor for the business process of staffing. Well-developed and job-relevant assessments offer objective information that helps recruiters and hiring managers differentiate among their candidates to hire the most qualified individuals. Moreover, every executive knows that the quality of decision-making is dependent upon the quality of the data behind it, making it essential that employers use the appropriate assessments that provide them with the insight to make smarter, evidence-based hiring decisions.

Three ROI Calculations to Determine: Is Your Assessment Working?

Given the number of solutions available, and the myriad claims and hyperbole about their power, companies must ensure their assessments are working effectively. The following serves as a guide to help determine if your assessments are contributing to your strategy by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your staffing process and how the right solution can put you on the right path

Is Your Assessment Working is a guide  to documenting impact and optimizing insights. It provides examples and action items for improving your talent acquisition process. Download our white paper Is Your Assessment Working?.