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Joseph P. Murphy on Drive Thru HR - Small Side of Big Data

by Joseph Murphy

Bryan Wempen of DriveThruHR and I spoke about the Small Side of Big Data during this episode.

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A few points that got called out: There are several places where each company can look at the small side of big data.  Each company has internal data that be used for HR Analytics to drive staffing process improvement.

  1. High population jobs - the 2 or 3 jobs with the most incumbents - the sheer numbers might suggest some opportunity for process improvement
  2. Jobs with the highest 90 day turnover - huge opportunity to reduce staffing waste and rework
  3. Jobs with objective performance metrics - opportunity to raise new hire performance consistency, reduce variation

The Three O's of Quality of Hire: Opinions - Does the hiring manager like the new associate? Observations - Does the hiring manager rate new hire performance above average on behaviorally anchored rating scales? Objective Metrics - Does the new hire achieve above average results on Dashboard Metrics, KPIs, production, outputs, etc.

A more useful alternative to Cost Per Hire is Cost to Proficiency.

Tweets during the broadcast mentioned Benchmarking can be a "Me Too" strategy Benchmarking prevents holding up the mirror Recruiting is more about rejection

In addition, listeners were invited to consider and apply for the Candidate Experience Award

Listeners were also offered a free book - Practical Rigor; Evidence-based management to improvement hiring in high population jobs.

For your free copy go to our contact me page and type in BOOK or Practical Rigor in the notes form. An ebook version will be sent your way. A paper copy can be mailed to you, just ask.

Enjoy, and thanks for listening