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Kronenburg on Improving the Candidate Experience

by Joseph Murphy

I had chance to ask Russell Kronenburg from Australia’s Jemena what can be done to improve the candidate experience.  He played the BRAND card.  He suggests the brand message, recruiter behaviors and web touch-points all line up to deliver a unified employment brand message.  Click PLAY to hear what he has to say.

It is not enough to have a company brand or product brand.  Employment Brand, as a concept, has been expanding and maturing.  Organizations are investing more to develop a ‘what’s it like to work here’ persona.  Getting the story right entails aligning the employment message with the company culture.  Candidates have lots of resources to verify claims of what it is like to work at any given organization. 

The proliferation of web hosted video has allowed rapid and low-cost deployment of multi-media peeks inside a company.  While some of these videos do a great job, some are more hype than help.  Truth in employment brand prevents a bait and switch reaction when new hires find the practiced culture very different than the culture espoused in the video or careers page stories.

Your candidate’s web experience can be designed to extend your brand message.  Job seekers are also applying at your competitors and they can instantly see and feel the difference in a company’s brand with each click of the mouse.  The power of this difference was recently driven home from feedback a candidate gave after completing a highly branded, interactive day-in-the-life pre-employment simulation.

“You guys need to talk with ABC Co (the biggest local competitor), their application process is terrible. This was really cool!”

This one comment shows the savvy candidate is making early observations about how the employee selection process conveys an employment brand experience.  It impacts their career choices.

When your brand message goes all the way into your pre-employment testing, your candidates let you know, in a very favorable manner.  Read some candidate reactions to their experience with the Virtual Job Tryout here.