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Kudos for Kevin - Wheeler Sees Trends, Writes Great ERE Post

by Joseph Murphy

Kevin Wheeler wrote a great trend piece for ERE.

Kevin, thanks for finding examples due to your ability to see the positive movement of emerging practices, pushed forward by leaders seeking continuous improvement.  You offer all an opportunity to step along a continuum.

Engagement/Experience 2.0 or 3… Yes experience matters, and many organizations are actively building practices which enhance skills, superior outcomes. See the growth and participation in the Candidate Experience Awards as additional one element of evidence.

Social Media… an explosion of tools, simplification of formerly sophisticated tools, and the power of a personal message via multi-media.  People are connecting and sharing at an unprecedented magnitude.  Talent acquisition can watch, or jump in and be present, be visible and connect.  Heck, even I have been making short videos for years.

Talent Analytics –big data begins at the local level.  The Bureau of Labor Stats list Industrial/Organizational Psychology (I/O) as the fastest growing occupation into the near future.  This profession leads the way in developing analytical practices that link talent to organizational outcomes.  I have been hiring I/Os for over 20 years.  Being able to push the advancement and acceptance of their skills has been rewarding. We have done amazing work on raising quality of hire for clients around the globe.  Evidence-based hiring has been around for about a century now.

Org Structure – nobody has it right, but those willing to dip their toe in some Bauhaus philosophy may see how form can follow function.  30 year ago I read an article that stated the winners will be those organizations that can un-learn, invent and re-learn.  The research on personal development indicates unfamiliar and demanding experiences cause the most effective improvements in capabilities.  Broad roles create that.  The new workforce expects that, and will seek out career opportunities where that is the norm.

I will be at ERE.  Any reader is welcome to swing by our booth to continue this conversation.  Ask to see our metaphor for evidence-based hiring.