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Music Video Meets Realistic Job Preview

by Joseph Murphy

Amerigroup, a leading provider of Medicaid insurance wanted to extend a compelling invitation to become part of the real solutions they provide.  They had already developed a collection of videos that demonstrate the nature of their work and profiled the clients they serve.  Commissioning The Verve Pipe to write, record, and film a song that pulls together the Amerigroup service brand created a realistic job preview with an emotional appeal that is palpable.  The best part is that this message works just as well for current associates as it does of candidates.  So Rise Up and click Play to step into a very unique candidate experience.

Here are three reasons this form of communication works well in an employment brand message.

Compelling Story

The lyrics invite the candidate to step into and step up to the demands of the service role Amerigroup delivers to the community.

Balanced Images

The examples of the workplace and the variety of clients served are candid and frank.  This is not a gloss-over message.  These are real people, with real issues, getting real solutions.  No bait and switch or one-sided message.


In this “experience economy”, candidates expect more from the web, more interaction, more truthful information, more interaction.  Candidates walk away with a sense of the contemporary spirit of the organization.

Kudos to Amerigroup for the vision to combine music video and realistic job preview.