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Phishing. Is This Your Sourcing Strategy?

by Joseph Murphy

An email today stated my resume had been received. Have a look at this great job opportunity.

FROM: HR Subject Line: We received your resume

Wouldn't it be nice to finally work on your own terms?

Then you'll want to check out the job that is hiring now through the page below. You can begin generating $7K a month online with your own computer regardless of your background or skill set!

Hurry and start before someone claims your spot.

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We began to consider that perhaps the lonely traveller had taken physic, or done something injudicious to bring his complaint on Here is a ministry, and here is an opposition Indeed, he is the worthiest of men you may edit your contact preferences here: (Most likely a nasty place to go) http://mx.primalysis.com/....

Hence, likewise, probably it is, that in our courts of law we often hear a learned gentleman (generally a serjeant) repeating for an hour together what another learned gentleman, who spoke just before him, had been saying People who know nothing of the matter conclude, if the skull is not fractured, all is well; whereas, I had rather see a man's skull broke all to pieces, than some contusions I have met with Click this link to unsubscribe: (third invitation is a charm) http://mx.primalysis.com/php....

END of email

There is some phantasmagoric language in here! Phishing comes in all styles and approaches. This unfortunately could draw in the under-educated, desperate candidate. And they don't care who they get. When you post a job, do you care who you get, on the line?

It makes me pause to reflect on the impersonal nature that has become recruiting. Perhaps business communication in general.

What is your candidate experience? Do your candidates feel your job posting was more like a Phishing expedition?

Some guidelines to consider when casting your net for talent. Engage your candidates - create interactive experiences Educate your candidates - give as much information as you seek to get Evaluate your candidates - deploy objective evaluation to capture evidence of job-fit and performance potential.

Engage If your most interactive experience is the Apply Now or Save buttons, you have an opportunity to take it up a notch with simulations, which is the gamification of the application process.

Educate Candidates expect the web to be a robust source of information. Create realistic job previews. Or better yet, create a day-in-the-life experience where they can step into the job. They will learn more that way then by reading a job description.

Evaluate Grandpa, What is a resume? Resumes are dead. It has been proven time and time again that word searching, date, and time on the job do not predict job-fit or on-the-job performance. Build or buy an objective candidate evaluation experience that delivers candidate data that be analyzed for value, calculate job-fit, and correlate to job outcomes. This requires a degree of Practical Rigor.

Learn how to accomplish all three of those objectives with custom simulations for pre-employment assessment. See how you can used evidence-based hiring to improve quality of hire. Click here (not Phishing) or simply call me. 216.292.0202

We can talk about what it is like to have a great (fish?) candidate on-line, or we can explore proven methods to achieve staffing process improvement with big data, HR Analytics while extending your brand into the talent pool.