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Raghav Singh(s) the Blues

by Joseph Murphy

Raghav Singh(s) the Blues in his ERE post on Social Media.  Although he suggests it might be more like Lawrence Welk’s “Wonderful wonderful.” Mechanical bubbles with a brief rise, then a burst.

Citing data, such as the number of connections and time spent in social media activities are interesting commentary on the role these virtual communities play in our life.  When Shally Steckerl found the upper limit of LinkedIn via connection mania, the superficial side of digital relationships was exposed.

Fact is, recruiters are sourcing candidates from these pools and companies are making hiring decisions.  Like Steve Lewis mentions in his comment on Raghav's article, he is taking Deluxe into new space and hopes to share his results.  He is waiting for his data to come in.

Well it has been happening long enough to evaluate on-the-job performance of those social media hires.  Those data are starting to tell the rest of the story. 

We did some social media – quality of hire analytics with one client and found some interesting results regarding yield and quality of hire scores by competency, by source.  To learn more check out our summary here.

To expand your network, and begin to develop a new relationship, call us at 216.292.0202 and ask for  my colleague Mike Hudy.  He would be delighted to provide additional details from his work with HR Analytics.