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Re-Packaging and Selling the Candidate Experience - My Blog Revisited

by Joseph Murphy

Balazs Paroczay and Jillyan French-Vitet of KellyOCG wrote a thoughtful and thought-provoking follow-on to one of my articles on the Candidate Experience. You can find their article here.

First, I am honored by how my thinking and writing inspired a great article that triggered some thoughtful dialogue. The comment thread was interesting.

Thank you Balazs and Jillyan.

Second, metrics are for those who want to understand the impact of an experience, and, make adaptations based upon learning from experience.  Do not think of it as a  SHOULD we measaure, but more of a  WHAT should we measure? And WHY?

Third, with candidate as customer, does a "net promoter score" (NPS) type evaluation tell you what you need to know?  Do you ask all your candidates for feedback?  What to they say?  What percent take you up on your invitation to provide feedback.  Here are some examples of what candidates say after a virtual job tryout.

Lessons I learned from the early days of the USA quality movement include: the customer defines quality and if you don't measure it, you can't manage it.  Even if YOUR set the standard for quality, you are compelled to measure to see if you are delivering to your standard.

Fourth, there is a growing community seeking ways to advance and improve the candidate experience.  Read more about that initiative here.  Or click the picture to take you there.

I interviewed Gerry Crispin on the candidate experience several years ago. Listen to his clear message here.

Jim Gilmore, one of the authors of The Experience Economy and I recently met to continue our dialogue on the candidate experience. Watch for my video interview blog with Jim, to be posted here in the near future. He offers some interesting things for our collective consideration.