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SHRM HR Magazine Features Virtual Job Tryout - Effective Assessments

by Joseph Murphy

When doing research on thought leadership in assessments, writer Dave Zielinski was directed to us by several resources.  He wrote a thoughtful article for SHRM's HR Magazine from his findings.

Dave found out that market leaders, high performing organizations and highly brand conscious companies are using custom simulations for pre-employment testing and employee selection.

In the article, Dr. Nina Brody of Take Care Health Systems (a division of Walgreens) stated: "the assessment gives candidates a highly realistic job preview - causing some to self-select out early and others to solidify their commitment - and creates an impression that Take Care is operating at technology's cutting edge.."

Also in the article, Beth Yates of KeyBank states, "the simulations create an interactive, highly immersive, multi-media experience; they mimic key job tasks and test for competencies such as providing client service, adpting to change, supporting team members, following procedures, cross selling, and working efficiently..."

Simulations deliver a highly engaging multi-method assessment inside a company branded candidate experience.  Candidates walk away feeling like they learned a great deal about the job and the company.  The company also learns a great deal about the candidate from the work sample they provide by completing the Virtual Job Tryout.

If you are a member of SHRM, check out the January issue of  HR Magazine article Effective Assessments on page 61.

If you are not a SHRM member, drop me an e-mail at joe(dot)murphy at shakercg.com (you can figure that out)  I can forward the article to you.