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Show, Don't Tell - Job Tryouts Go Virtual

by Joseph Murphy

Jennifer Alsever, journalist and  writer recently penned an article describing how more companies are asking candidates to provide a work sample as part of the screening and evaluation process.    Show, Don't Tell is the title and the theme.  Her great article is here.  Her examples deal with small populations, filling one or a small number of positions.

When trying to scale up to fill hundreds, or thousands, is that format reasonable?  Well maybe not, but it's close cousin approach certainly does.

The Virtual Job Tryout invites candidates to complete a range of work samples in an on-line experience.  Fully branded and chock-full of realistic job preview, the Virtual Job Tryout delivers a very similar experience to every candidate, not just a few finalists.  The win here is that finalists are determined by the results of their creative capabilities and efforts to address job relevant challenges and situations.  After all, this is the experience economy.  So, why not deliver an amazing candidate experience?

Over 90% of candidates state this type of experience better prepared them to decide if the job was right for them.  Over 90% of candidate state they will refer others to apply due to the unique and engage format of the application.  This is a form of candidate experience that delivers a brand-positive impression, adds more objective and better candidate data into the evaluation process and can create a differentiated workforce that delivers superior results.

Jennifer found a number of companies seeking better ways to evaluate capabilities and determine job-fit.  Getting a work sample makes a lot of sense.  If you have significant hiring challenges, a process that is scalable may make sense for you.  Check out a few criteria that can help you determine if this approach might be a right-fit for you.