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The Candidate Experience Awards 2013 Winners

by Joseph Murphy

Some organizations recognize that each candidate deserves a respectful encounter when applying for a job.

The Candidate Experience Awards, created by the Talent Board, have invited companies to hold up the mirror and take a close look at their recruiting practices.  The awards, now in their third year, honor those companies that deliver a candidate experience which:

  • Engages - reaches out to the talent pool with a variety of methods to meet the candidates where they are.
  • Educates - provided information about the job, culture, company and expectations
  • Evaluates - deploys methods that fairly explore job-fit and leave a candidate feeling they were able to present their qualifications

Many organizations were honored Monday Oct 7, 2013 for their exceptional recruiting efforts.  One such organization is MetLife Premier Client Group.  They were represented by Alyssa Garrick and Rick Scialdone who accepted the CandE Award on behalf of their team.

MetLife incorporates the Virtual Job Tryout into their evidence-based hiring practice.  In addition, they ask every candidate who applies for feedback on a range of factors about their experience.

We are proud to be a partner of MetLife Premier Client Group.  And Congratulations to  Alyssa and Rick and their team.