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Virtual Job Tryout Overview - Improving the Candidate Experience

by Joseph Murphy

The nature of our experience economy has caused the population in general to expect more from every form of interaction.

  • More engaging - provide me with an experience that draws me in.
  • More informative - feed me information in a manner that is easy to digest.
  • More interactive - give me a role to play.
  • More rewarding and satisfying - help me walk away thinking I am glad I took the time to do this.

Candidates expect the same qualities from the employment experience too.  Ideally, they want to look inside the job, try their hand on some of the tasks, experience the decision making and problem solving they will face on the job.   And, the great thing is that you can do that now.

The Virtual Job Tryout is a custom simulation for pre-employment testing.  Key elements of your job are recreated in an interactive on-line environment.  Candidtes get to take the job for a test drive.  In doing so, they learn a lot about the job.  And, the work sample they provide allows you to learn  a great deal about them at the same time.

Send me an e-mail  joe(dot)murphy@shakercg.com to recieve a link to a Virtual Job Tryout demo.  You can learn more about how the Virtual Job Tryout is working to improve the candidate experience, extend the company's brand message into the market, and provide recruiters with evidence-based decision support.  

You can deliver an exceptional return on investment while delivering a candidate experience that create fans.