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Welcome to the Shaker Consulting Group blog

by Joseph Murphy

Greetings, and welcome to the Shaker Consulting Group blog.

This month marks our eighth anniversary. Our journey has been one marked by deeply rewarding relationships with outstanding individuals, magical opportunities to work with staffing and recruiting practitioners at some of the finest companies in the world, and the creation and evolution of Virtual Job Tryout®.  Looking back brings a smile to my face. We are fortunate to have accomplished so much.  Thank you.

Along with our foray into the blogosphere, comes our new identity, website and a greater sense of clarity on who we are and the value proposition we offer the market. We are clearly being sought out by market-leading companies to assist in their efforts to create a differentiated workforce. This is an honor we take with pride, yet also with a degree of seriousness that reflects the responsibility we have to deliver a candidate experience as unique as the brand of each of our clients.

Our clients have compelled us to innovate. In response, we have expanded the measurement rigor and selection science available from custom simulations and multi-method assessment. This collaborative process has generated an array of solutions which address both the selection and development of talent that delivers superior results. Becoming a trusted partner to so many “Best-in-Class” corporations is humbling. Thank you for placing your confidence in Shaker.

You have asked us time and time again to share more of what we know and what we are learning along the way. We will use this space to do just that. We are building an editorial calendar with a broad range of content areas. We also invite you to participate through articles, posts, interviews, and questions you would like answered. Here are a few of the subject areas.

  • Client case studies
  • Best practices for assessment and pre-employment testing
  • Implementing staffing process improvement
  • Documenting return on investment from staffing initiatives
  • Thought leader interviews
  • Validation practices and results
  • White papers and research papers
  • Guest articles
  • And of course, casual observations from the field

We appreciate your presence here, and the time you have taken to find us and read this. Bookmark this page and stop back from time to time. Join in and be part of the dialogue. We anticipate a fun and rewarding path.