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What is Your Candidate Experience? You Can Learn Now!

by Joseph Murphy

Three years ago I began a series of video interviews on improving the candidate experience. Since then, a movement has emerged to define, capture, and evaluate what constitutes an exceptional candidate experience. Results from this movement can be explored on the web site of The Talent Board, a non-profit firm dedicated to raising awareness and improving practices for the candidate experience.

I have had the honor and pleasure of leading the 2013 Candidate Experience Award Survey Team. The level of consideration and collective thinking that went into improving the survey is remarkable. I want to personally thank Ben Gotkin of Recruiting Toolbox, Andrew Gadomski of Aspen Advisors, Bryan Wempen of ceVoke and lastly our tor-mentor Gerry Crispin of the Talent Board and CareerXroads.

The new corporate survey was launched in April. Details and FAQs. You can still enter the process. The deadline to submit your corporate response is June 28, 2013. So please take decisive action now. You will learn a great deal from this experience.

The Applicant version of the Candidate Experience Survey is going through the last steps of review and edits. It will be distributed to participating organizations by the end of June.

Why Participate? Here are a few practices that came into public light due to the sharing that took place from participating organizations.

  • Insights gained from hiring mystery applicants
  • The value of auditing your candidate experience on reducing cycle time and cost
  • Practices to transform social media into a meaningful component of sourcing
  • A Brand Manifesto that aligns the candidate experience with the customer experience
  • The value of personally communicating with EACH candidate (yes, EACH)
  • Process improvement lessons from surveying every candidate
  • Embedding consistency by mandating interview training for EVERY recruiter and hiring manager

You can obtain theĀ 2012 Candidate Experience Award Report to explore lessons learned from last years participants.

You can learn what is working well and where you might improve by participating this year. Go ahead, put on your candidate hat.

Click the Apply Now button to begin.

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