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Candidate Experience Award winner Hyland explains how to win over applicants

Talent Board recently teamed up with global software company Hyland for a Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards workshop in Cleveland to discuss the value of the candidate experience. (Workshop summary below video.)


Joseph P. Murphy, Talent Board board member and Shaker executive vice president, provided snapshots of some of the data collected from more than 220,000 candidates as part of the 2016 CandE Award and Benchmark Program and facilitated discussion of how to improve the process for everyone.

“Everyone thinks they’re delivering a great candidate experience,” Murphy proclaimed. “But are you measuring to know for sure?”

Hyland was a North American CandE Award winner in 2015—and again in 2016. Recruiting program manager Courtney Byham and recruiting program team lead Tyson Meikle explained the journey Hyland took to understand and improve the quality of their candidate experience.

A growing global technology company averaging 400 new hires per year for the last several years, Hyland participated in the CandE Awards program for the first time in 2014. “We wanted to see how we were doing in the market and against our competition,” Byham said, explaining that Hyland was eager to find out what candidates found good and bad about their process.

CandE Awards survey data directly resulted in several new initiatives focused on improving the candidate experience at Hyland:

  • Revised job application
    Two years ago, Hyland’s application process took 45-60 minutes. Now it takes fewer than 15 minutes and seeks to be a distinctive experience that reflects the company’s unique culture.
  • Improved employee referral program
    “Top talent knows other top talent,” Byham said. Among other improvements, Hyland added a dedicated resource to direct the organization’s referral program.
  • Better applicant tracking system
    A new applicant tracking system has been a path to significantly higher application completion rates and provides candidates with a seamless application experience that allows them to view their real-time status.
  • Cultivation of employer brand on social media
    Hyland actively encourages employees to engage in social media and create blog posts to share a behind-the-scenes view of work life at Hyland.
  • Structured HR team to support candidate experience goals
    Hyland now has a team distinct from the recruiting team to manage candidate experience, social media and employer branding, diversity and inclusion, and employee relocation.

Hyland’s process improvements are evidence of how CandE Awards survey data can directly drive decision making about your own hiring processes, Murphy explained to workshop attendees.

Among numerous other points, survey results show that candidates most want more information about the jobs and companies to which they are applying and cited testimonials from current employees as among the most valuable sources of information, he said.

Download the 2016 North American CandE Awards Research Report to find out more about what candidates appreciate about the application experience—and what they don’t.

And find out what your candidates think about you and how to improve your own processes by registering for the 2017 CandE Award and Benchmark Program.