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Candidate experience = brand experience

With every click of Apply Now, Next, and Submit, your candidates are assembling an impression of your brand. They are not only influenced, they are motivated by their candidate experience and will unreservedly exercise one of two options after they apply:

  1. Speak favorably about your company, your brand, and their experience
  2. Speak unfavorably about your company, your brand, and their experience

Which option are your candidates choosing?

At a recent Candidate Experience (CandE) Workshop, Drew Campbell of Covestro spelled out his view of why the candidate experience is important:

The proof is in the numbers

Talent Board has collected data that shows:

  • 64% of candidates will increase their brand relationship and actively refer other people to apply based on a positive experience
  • 41% of candidates will take their business elsewhere and actively discourage others to apply based on a negative experience

In other words: every dollar spent on attracting candidates to a poorly delivered experience creates a powerful counterforce of individuals actively telling their peers—face to face, on their phones, on social media—not to apply and disparaging your brand.

Download the 2016 North American CandE Awards Research Report to find out more about what candidates appreciate about the application experience—and what they don’t. Then find out what your candidates think about you by registering for the 2017 CandE Award and Benchmark Program.

Improve your candidate experience with the Virtual Job Tryout

Shaker created the Virtual Job Tryout (VJT) with the goal of delivering a favorable candidate experience at its core. And candidates have been asked for their feedback on the VJT for over 15 years. Across all client systems, more than 90% of candidates have said:

  • The VJT put them in a better position to decide if the job was right for them
  • They would refer others to apply to the company

And here are some examples of what candidates said after completing the VJT:

  • “I wish more companies had this format. It indicates this company cares more for the hiring process than others. They give the applicant more than just a few paragraphs about the company and the Virtual Job Tryout gives the applicant more than just the resume to show who they are.”
  • “You have gone beyond all employers. I have never seen so much information given during an application process! I think it is great!”
  • “As a ten-year military veteran, I’ve been doing the same job for a long time…and was uncertain about doing something different. Virtual Job Tryout gave me the confidence to know I could before I even started. Thanks!”
  • “The Virtual Job Tryout was a lot more detailed and in depth than I had expected. Very informative material; definitely sheds light on the company’s expectations as a whole. Excellent.”
  • “This was a great experience that other companies need to look into doing. Sometimes you think a job would fit your life until you get hired and learn that it is something completely different.”

Candidates leave the application process knowing more about their job fit and willing to be an ambassador for your organization.

Contact us to learn how you can engage your candidates, empower your recruiters, and boost your brand.