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Does recruiter experience matter? What winners do differently

Join Shaker executive vice president and Talent Board board member Joseph P. Murphy for a complimentary webinar that will provide insight into why rethinking recruiter experience can change the way you make hiring decisions.

Register today for this 30-minute installment of Talent Board’s Dog Days of Summer Webinar Series to take place on August 9 at 1:30 p.m.

You will learn:

  • How assessments impact recruiting workloads and candidate rejection
  • What types of assessment content predict career stability and improve new hire retention
  • The ways assessments can differentiate performance potential

The hiring decision is largely an act of human judgment. However, the quality of this decision rests on the quality of information that leads to any conclusion, which begs the question, “What data informs the hiring decision?” A growing body of knowledge reveals some of the ways companies provide their recruiters with resources to aid their decision making – and how these tools and the data they provide effect the recruiter experience.  

Talent Board’s annual Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards survey documents how companies use pre-employment assessment to improve the recruiter experience. This research clearly shows that winning companies are more likely than others to use assessments.

This webinar will share four years of data and trends on using assessments. You will learn three reasons why companies use assessments, when assessments are being used in the recruiting process, and what types of assessments are being used. Let the evidence speak to you and then decide for yourself: does recruiter experience matter?

Save your seat today!