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Does Your Assessment Fit?

by Carter Gibson

Choosing a pre-hire assessment is a lot like buying a suit. It all comes down to fit. The style, material, or head-turning price tag doesn’t matter a bit if it doesn’t fit. An ill-fitting suit not only won’t look good on you, you won’t want to wear it. Instead, it will languish at the back of your closet, unworn, out of sight, ultimately useless.

Assessments work the same way. If you want an assessment to provide what it promises, it must be tailored to fit your job. And as when shopping for a suit, you must make several decisions before you ever set foot in the store. Maybe you already know exactly what you want. Or maybe you just know you need a new suit.

Made to measure

What a person wears can tell you a lot about them. You outfit yourself neatly and professionally for a job interview to make a good first impression. Your pre-hire assessment is one of the first things a potential employee sees from your organization. You need to make sure it sends the right message. Do you want something generic that looks like everybody else? Or do you want it to demonstrate that your company is serious about your hiring process?

The best suit is one created specifically for you. It requires an investment of time and resources. To begin, the tailor takes your measurements. They may have you try on several styles to see how they look and so you can gauge how you feel. A top-notch tailor will ensure fit, that your needs are fully met by the final product. Creating the best assessment necessarily starts by taking the measurements of your job through job analysis. A provider that promises you a suitable assessment without a job analysis is like a tailor who never takes out his measuring tape. No matter how skilled they are they cannot achieve a truly good fit.

And a carefully crafted suit should last a long time. Imagine if your tailor checked up on all your suits and made subtle alterations over the life of the suits to make sure they always fit. With all our custom Virtual Job Tryouts, Shaker is a custom tailor and constantly monitors the data to determine if we can make changes to improve the system.

Ready to wear

The tailored suit is not for everybody and all occasions. Maybe you need something to wear tonight. Or maybe a custom suit is out of your price range. Already knowing your size and having a style in mind can be an affordable alternative to a custom-made suit. In the assessment world, off-the-shelf products can be a reasonable ready-to-go starting point to meet your immediate needs. Shaker has solutions based on our years of experience predicting job performance in specific job families. These standard products are ready to deploy, require limited preparation and investment, but can deliver an immediate and a measurable impact on your hiring process.

One size fits all

Would any tailor try to sell the same suit to everybody? Same size, same color, same material, same suit? It sounds absurd, but many test publishers seek to sell a basic assessment battery to as many clients as possible. Many companies contend they can deliver great assessments at bargain prices. Some even claim to use machine learning or big data algorithms to tailor the assessment to your job. But if the starting point is the same model for everyone, you are making alterations to something that was not made for your company or job family. No tailor, no matter how skilled, can make a suit several sizes too small look as good as a suit crafted with you in mind.

Trust the experts

Quality of hire is akin to quality of fit. Depth and breadth of experience of the tailor make a crucial difference. Would you rely on and pay someone without any sewing or tailoring expertise to make you a suit? Or would you trust a professional with years of experience and training to help create what you need? Shaker has over 25 data scientists with combined decades of experience designing custom-fit Virtual Job Tryouts for organizations that want to make sure their pre-hire assessments make a great first impression, wear well, and ensure exceptional prediction of job fit.

Maybe you know what you want. Or maybe you simply know you need something different—your old routine no longer fits your needs or you want something that works better. If you want a new suit, talk to a tailor for a high-quality fit. If you need an assessment to optimize job fit, talk to us. We'll show you how a custom fit can bring you amazing results.