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Find out what talent challenges are on the horizon

by Jen Wason

For the last 15 years Shaker has been on the front lines of examining how the intersection of technology and selection science can transform the way hiring decisions are made. We continue to be committed to scrutinizing trends, challenging industry assumptions, and leading the way in emerging models of practice by creating groundbreaking talent acquisition solutions for our clients and their candidates.

Shaker will join senior talent management leaders at the 13th Annual Future of Talent Retreat, Disrupt Talent: Sudden Challenges on the Horizon, to take place August 27-29 at the Marconi Conference Center near San Francisco, CA to find out where talent acquisition is heading.

For more than a decade, the Future of Talent Institute has been predicting and discussing talent and development trends with some of the sharpest minds in the industry. And most of the key expectations and trends they have predicted have or are coming to fruition.

Shaker is a sponsor of this highly interactive, hands-on event. Globally known futurist, entrepreneur, advisor, and Future of Talent Institute founder Kevin Wheeler will lead this limited-attendance retreat for talent leaders that will feature noted guest faculty who will forecast and discuss the trends and issues affecting talent, work, and HR processes.

The event will focus on four themes expected to significantly disrupt the talent landscape in the not-too-distant future:

  • Intelligent process automation and digitization
    • Advances in analytics, automation, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things show promise for reducing costs and increasing efficiency in HR processes.
    • These tools will transform the candidate experience and employee productivity and make way for more self-service tools.
    • Digital technology will reshape time-consuming tasks and internal work streams.
  • Design thinking and process redesign
    • The demand for skilled talent has grown faster than its supply. Candidates and employees will have more choices and expect more from their HR experiences than ever before.
    • The journey from being a candidate to an employee will become streamlined and seamless.
    • Individual, stand-alone technologies and operations will soon be integrated and sequenced for maximum efficacy and impact.
  • AI (artificial intelligence) and IA (intelligent augmentation): The intelligent edge
    • Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics are playing larger roles in recruitment, learning, and development.
    • Intelligent augmentation is key to how humans will work and live with artificial intelligence.
    • Someone seminal to the development of AI and key to the future of its use will lead discussion of these technologies and how they will transform the future of talent management.

  • The end of jobs: Networks and skills become key
    • Work has become increasingly collaborative, interdependent, and virtual.
    • The gig economy, shorter-term nature of many projects, and constant churn of development will force a very different approach to how we look at work.
    • Shifts in how to search for talent and grappling with workforce composition – the mix of permanent, contractor, and consultant workers – will become core HR concerns.

Are you an HR leader interested in joining us in considering the future? Find out more about registering today to ensure your space—this special event is nearly sold out.