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Gearing Up for SIOP 2017 Submissions? Things to Know Now

by Daly Vaughn and Jensen Mecca

Are you planning to submit a proposal for SIOP 2017 in Orlando? The due date is swiftly approaching (only 20 days until September 7!), and Shaker consultants and client partners are hard at work preparing submissions to the upcoming conference.

With the deadline on the horizon, we wanted to ensure you’re set up for submission success by outlining some of the new features of SIOP’s conference proposal process.

New system for submissions

SIOP is rolling out a new conference submission site intended to further automate the submission process. Before starting a new submission, we recommend checking out the handy PDF SIOP created to walk you through the new process. This guide illustrates the layout of the new system and provides step-by-step instructions for how to submit your proposal.

Reproducible research

SIOP is encouraging researchers and practitioners to take part in SIOP’s reproducible research initiative. Reproducible research is the process of fully documenting the steps of your research study and can take the form of providing associated data or mock data, code or syntax, detailed analysis instructions or overview, and other source materials alongside your traditional manuscript. Participation is completely optional but does benefit the broader I-O community as outlined in the SIOP 2017 Reproducible Research Guidelines.

For those opting to participate, you are not required to submit supplementary reproducible research materials by the proposal deadline but will be asked during the submission process to indicate if you plan to participate. For those opting in, additional information and instructions will be provided a little further downstream, and you will be expected to make reproducible research materials available prior to your conference presentation.

Social media statement

You now will have the option to provide brief statements (15 words or fewer) with your proposal submission that SIOP may use to promote your session on social media. Social media promotion can provide broader visibility to your session, your research area, and the conference in general. Social media statements can include elements such as hashtags with key words and presenters’ social media handles.

For more information about these changes and the proposal submission process, see the SIOP 2017 Call for Proposals.

Best of luck to all working on a submission! We hope to see you in Orlando this April!