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Leap Year 2016: What a Difference a Day Makes

by Joseph Murphy

There are certain events so special they come along only once every four years, and 2016 is full of them: the upcoming presidential election, the Summer Olympics, and leap day. Despite some valiant attempts to make that last one into a real holiday with its own colors and mascot (Leap Day William, anyone?), leap day just doesn’t get as much attention as the other quadrennial events. Still, it does present an uncommon opportunity for your business: an extra day to fine-tune your recruiting processes and leap ahead of the competition.

In today’s competitive hiring landscape, a single day can make all the difference. With a bonus day this year, you have an additional chance to see what you’re doing right and what you can improve. In honor of leap day, let’s consider just how important one day can be:

One more day to win over top talent

Being able to move quickly is key to attracting, engaging, and hiring talent before the competition does. Any extra day to recruit talent is another day your competitors also have to divert qualified candidates from your hiring pool into their own. Finding ways to reduce time to hire—from screening out poor-fit candidates early in the process to engaging hiring managers from the beginning—can help you acquire top talent more quickly. Read more about the broad value of efficient, effective assessment in our white paper Is Your Assessment Working?.

One more day to lower turnover

The leap year provides another day for employees to leave your company, or—more optimistically—another day for you to improve employee retention. Use this extra day to provide additional training to your team, conduct performance evaluations, or meet with employees to find out what improvements they need or wish for. Check out your opportunity cost and potential ROI from reducing turnover and rework with our staffing waste ROI Calculator.

One more day to engage candidates

Crucial to increasing retention is hiring the right people in the first place. Providing candidates with an interactive preview of what the job entails through a Virtual Job Tryout educates them about what they would be doing if hired, leading to an improved candidate experience and ensuring the most qualified and interested contenders are advanced and brought on board.

One more day to improve your leadership pipeline

To leap ahead of the competition, you must understanding the strengths and potential of your current team. Who are your top performers? What are their development needs? How best to groom them to step into key leadership roles? Looking internally to find candidates for advanced positions can further streamline your recruiting process, allowing you to fill gaps more quickly.

One more day to enhance recruitment

Use the concepts above to guide you through evaluating what is working in your recruitment process and where additional attention or improvement is needed. If you’re unhappy with your ability to attract top talent or are unable to keep your best performers in place, maintaining the status quo will only mean more of the same. Recognizing where you need to focus on adopting the strategies that lead to continuous improvement will get your recruiting process back on track.

A single day can have a meaningful impact on your business. And each day you continue with a substandard recruiting process is another day the competition gets and stays ahead of you. With the extra day on the calendar this year, see what you can do to improve how you recruit and ensure a qualified team of talented individuals.