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New Goals for the New Year

by Joseph Murphy

Goals for 2016

As many companies are still planning their 2016 objectives, now’s the time to make sure your recruiting and hiring goals are in line with those of your business as a whole. In today’s dynamic economy, HR must prove its value to the organization and highlight its ability to supply the qualified candidates who become great hires. With companies looking to increase hiring without increasing the recruiting budget, the need to operate strategically and cost-effectively is more crucial than ever.

Walking this fine line is no easy feat. In the year head, HR teams must set the right goals for themselves to improve recruiting performance, create new efficiencies, and operate with more agility. So, what should your goals be for the year ahead? Consider the following:

  • Document impact
    If you’re not doing so already, a key priority in 2016 should be to document the impact of your recruiting initiatives. Showing leadership how many candidates have been assessed, how many have been hired, and the tenure and work performance of those hires will help prove the value of your efforts and impact on the overall business. Talented, committed employees are a company’s greatest asset. Why not promote how successful you are in recruiting them?

  • Measure success
    Data don't lie, but be sure you’re collecting the right kind. Measurements key to evaluating the success of your recruiting efforts include administrative efficiency, new-hire retention and staffing waste, time to proficiency, and cost to proficiency. And don't forget the most meaningful metric, quality of hire. You can measure quality of hire according to The Three O's:
    • Opinions of new-hire effectiveness according to the hiring manager
    • Observed competencies
    • Objective metrics of performance

  • Provide appropriate training
    The start of a new year is the right time to ensure everyone on the recruiting team has the appropriate training to supply your organization effectively with best-fit talent. Take this opportunity to help all recruiters understand their roles in finding qualified candidates, provide them access to the right technology, and educate them on how to use those tools to drive informed, data-based decisions.

  • Be more mobile
    Candidates increasingly use mobile devices to research jobs, and you must meet them where they. Ensure the whole candidate experience can be completed from a smartphone or tablet. You need more than just a mobile-optimized career site. Candidates should be able to apply for a job, learn about the company, and even complete an assessment all from the devices in the palms of their hands.

  • Be a value-added business partner
    An in-house operation comprising recruiters who understand the business and skilled workforce the company needs is the optimal formula for finding the best talent. By achieving all of the other above goals, you can continually demonstrate the value of your recruiting operations to company leadership and maintain your position as an essential business partner.

The new year has just begun, and the time is right to refresh your goals and objectives and ensure alignment with your organization’s talent needs. By committing to tracking success, documenting results, adopting new technology, and making sure the entire team is well trained on the latest and greatest tools and techniques, you can create a sustainable approach to talent acquisition throughout 2016.

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